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These are so clever! Check out these decorative garden accessories that double as cool plant watering devices. Fun and efficient to use, Water Blossoms are not just attractive. They are plant watering stakes that divert water directly to the root zone. Have you ever suffered through hot dry, spells wishing you had a watering tool that would insure water is penetrating deep enough to actually quench your plant’s thirst? Without it, rainwater often runs off of the soil surface, evaporates or fails to seep below the top inch or so of soil. With this plant watering device, you will have peace of mind! Watering deeply and less frequently encourages healthier root systems. Water Blossom will help your new shrubs and plants develop deep enough roots to withstand those long summer dry spells. And you can use it as an outdoor or indoor plant watering tool.

Water Blossom is not just for the garden, but for container or houseplants as well. You will have fun using this cute yet functional patio container décor. Did you know that many people don’t water their container plants properly? They spritz the leaves and surface soil, or drown the poor plant entirely. How about a shot of water directly to the root zone? Plants sweat kind of like people do. It’s called transpiration. In order to refresh them effectively, give their roots a deep drink of water. These outdoor or indoor plant watering devices are the perfect solution for proper watering, and they add color as well!

Water Blossom works well in tandem with other plant watering tools such as watering cans, sprinklers or the watering wand attached to your hose. Spray the water the into flower basin and it quickly gives your beloved plant a refreshing drink directed exactly where it needs to be! At last we have an easy way to water without soaking the foliage. Using these plant watering devices help you keep the plant dry, to discourage the onset of unwanted diseases.

Whether you use it in your garden or as an indoor plant watering device, Water Blossom is fun and easy to use. The pointed tip is removable for easy cleaning. The flower basin and stem are constructed of sturdy materials and come with a 2-year warranty. The flower basin is painted with a glossy, long-lasting finish which is sure to add a pleasing pop of color wherever you choose to use it.

If you are looking for cool gardening gifts Water Blossom is an excellent choice because it is unique, well-made and works as intended. It is not a water reservoir like those breakable globes. It’s an attractive deep root irrigator that you can leave in place or move around to help your plants develop healthy root systems. Any gardener or lover of houseplants will have fun using Water Blossom. Try it now.