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Water Blossom Creations Decorative Root Watering Device For Gardens Or Containers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 15-inch stems work well with plants less than 12 inches in height. They are great for houseplants.
  • 24-inch stems work well with shrubs or houseplants less than 20 inches in height. They look great in patio containers which typically contain several plants of different heights.
  • 36-inch stems are great with larger shrubs or plants that need staking.
2. What materials are used to make Water Blossom®? The flower basins are a durable injection-molded plastic, painted with a glossy automotive grade paint. Flower stems are aluminum and will not rust. They hold up well to temperature extremes, resist fading, and can be left outdoors year round. 
3. Where do I use Water Blossom®? In your garden, patio containers or indoor potted plants. See our About page for placement instructions. Water Blossom is both home and garden decor. It makes a lovely gift for gardeners or Mother's Day gift, especially when paired with a new plant.
4. Can I use Water Blossom® for liquid fertilizer? Yes! Follow the manufacturers' directions for mixing the fertilizer solution and then apply it using Water Blossom so it will reach the root zone.
5. How do I clean the flower basin? Detach the basin from the stem by pulling straight up. Spray with a hose or wash in warm soapy water.
6. Is the flower basin dishwasher safe? Doubtful. We have not tested this and do not recommend it. Although the paint is a baked-on automotive grade finish, dishwasher chemicals may damage the finish. See cleaning instructions above.
7. What if the flower stem becomes clogged? Remove the flower basin by grasping the base of it and pulling straight up. Shake the stem to dislodge debris in the stem. If further cleaning is needed, pull the plastic tip out with a pair of plier. Run water through the stem until clear. Reinsert the plastic tip by pressing it against a firm surface. Reattach the flower basin after returning Water Blossom® to the desired location.
8. What if I lose the tip? The nylon composite tip fits snugly; however, if becomes lost, please contact us for a free replacement.
9. Do you offer a warranty? Two year warranty. See our About page for details. Please call or email us if you have any problems with your Water Blossom and we will be happy to address your questions or concerns.
10. Is Water Blossom® made in the U.S.A? The flower basins are made and painted in Winchester, VA. The stem material is imported from Taiwan, but they are machined and assembled in Virginia.