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Set of 2 sizes(15",24") - Jazmine - Fuchsia

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Watering deeply and less frequently helps your plants thrive! With this Water Blossom® root watering tool bundle you receive our two most popular sizes with an automatic discount from our regular pricing, plus qualify for free shipping. Each bundle includes two fuchsia colored flower basins, one 15-inch stem and one 24-inch stem. Use both or keep one and give the other to a friend! 

  • Adds eye-catching, long-lasting color to any garden or patio container
  • Channels water below the soil surface to promote deeper, wider roots systems
  • Great for helping new plants gets established
  • Great for houseplants too—keeps water off the floor
  • Flower basin is fashioned from a quality, injection molded plastic and painted with a glossy automotive grade paint for durability.
  • Stems are made of a sturdy, rust-proof aluminum tubing. They are meticulously machined with holes on 4 sides of each base and a pointed nylon tip for easier insertion into the soil. Insert the stem so the holes are below soil level and add water to the basin or wait for rain. 
  • Water efficiently and less often with the Water Blossom® root watering tool. Wonderful for plants!