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All You Need to Know About Deep Root Watering Tools

All You Need to Know About Deep Root Watering Tools

Bloom and Blossom

Spring is in the air, and nothing says spring more than beautiful, blooming flowers. Whether you’ve got an indoor or an outdoor garden, you need to keep your plants and flowers properly watered.

What you may not realize is that traditional watering by hose or sprinkler only reaches the top few inches of the soil; it doesn’t water your plants where they need it the most – their roots. So much water is lost to evaporation and run-off, keeping your plants thirsty and undernourished. Even if you’re watering your plants regularly, if water isn’t getting to their roots, they’re not getting enough water to survive and thrive.

With the Water Blossom deep root watering tool you can make sure that your plants are getting all the water they need. Deep watering is absolutely essential to keeping your plants healthy and thriving. It allows for water to penetrate the surface of the soil and get at least 6 to 12 inches below, producing strong and healthy root systems that can withstand drought and disease.  It is particularly helpful for getting new shrubs and larger plants well-established. Funneling the water deep into the ground encourages the roots to spread out and grow deeper.

Attractive and Appealing

We know how much work and effort you put into making your flower garden as pretty as can be. That’s why Water Blossom is designed to be an attractive and effective addition to your garden. Pretty in pink, our “Emily” deep root watering tool will add elegance and style to your flower garden. The tapered petals of Emily were inspired by the natural beauty and elegance of daffodils. Its vibrant tips compliment the softer shades of its flower basin for the perfect year-round garden accent.

Our “Jazmine” was also inspired by nature’s beauty and grace. The Jazmine is modelled after lilies and will add a splash of color to your garden or patio containers.

Get Gardening

Now that it’s spring, it’s time to plant those perennials and plan your beautiful garden. Keep your plants healthy and beautiful with our attractive, nature-inspired Water Blossom.

Plants can be resilient, but they can also be quite sensitive and prone to drought or disease. If you’re watering your plants using traditional methods, like a sprinkler or hose, chances are your plants very thirsty; they may even be dying. Making sure your garden has enough deep-watering tools to water your plants’ roots is essential, especially if you live in a dry, arid climate, or areas with high amounts of clay in the soil. Make sure your plants aren’t going thirsty. They need water at their roots to live.

Deep root watering tools are also great to use for indoor plants. They, too, need water at their roots to stay strong and healthy. Many people only water their indoor plants when they start to get dry, but it’s important that indoor plants are getting enough water on a regular basis. The deep root watering tool makes it easier for you to water a little every day since the water will penetrate right to the roots instead of floating atop and overflowing your flowerpot.

Keep your plants strong, healthy, and vibrant with Water Blossom. Find us at

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