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Amazing Uses of Indoor Plant Watering Devices

Amazing Uses of Indoor Plant Watering Devices

How’s your green thumb doing? There are some people who seem to have a natural gift for plants. Others…perhaps not so much. Have you ever forgotten to water your plant for so long that the soil dried out too much for the water you did finally add to do anything more than overflow your pot and make a mess of your floor? It happens—to some of us more than we’d like to admit. However, this may not just be an indication that you aren’t a good plant-minder. It also points to some bigger problems with plant care than we may have realized. But don’t worry—there is help out there: it comes in the form of an indoor plant watering device.

The problem with plant watering

You’ve come across this problem with your house plants, but did you know that it is also a problem with your outdoor plants, too? When we experience periods of seasonal drought—or if we have plants that come back annually, making it difficult to properly plough or turn up the dirt around their roots—the soil can get tightly packed around them, making it difficult for water to penetrate down to the roots. This is a bigger problem than you might think. First, your plants, both indoor and outdoor, are going to start getting thirsty, and that means they are going to be less green, less hardy, less likely to flower, and perhaps a bit droopier than they should be. The other problem, though, is that plants are clever beings. Their roots will actually move to find the nearest water. This can save your plant, but if the water isn’t penetrating the soil deeply enough, the plant’s roots are going to remain shallow, and that will make the plant a lot less sturdy and may even result in stunted growth. Further, even if your soil is loose enough for the water to penetrate all the way down to the plant’s roots, think back to high school biology to remember what soil is designed to do: it’s a filtration unit. That’s necessary to protect outdoor plants from contaminants, but when you are attempting to fertilize your plants, the soil could actually be making it harder for the plant to access the plant food you are adding with your water. There’s a solution, though: for indoor and outdoor plants, the indoor plant watering device known as the Water Blossom can help.

What’s an indoor plant watering device?

Water Blossom Creations specially created the indoor plant watering device to allow gardeners and plant caregivers to water their plants more effectively. The tool is made of a tough ABS plastic that is much more durable and less likely to clog than some other plant watering devices, like the glass watering globes. You press the stem of the indoor plant watering device into the soil, then when you add water, it funnels the water (and any added plant food) below the soil so your plant’s roots can gain easier access while still growing to their proper depth. Plus, the indoor plant watering device is brightly colored and features pretty designs in order to be aesthetically pleasing and an added attraction for honey bees, butterflies, and other fertilizing insects. The result? an efficient and effortless watering device that will benefit the health and hardiness of both your indoor and outdoor plants. Click here to get one today.

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