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Five Plant Watering Tools to Have in Your Yard

Five Plant Watering Tools to Have in Your Yard

Not all plant watering tools are made equal. There are many tools that are cost-effective, but wholly unreliable and will break or begin falling apart after one season. Spending a little extra on a high-quality item will ensure that your watering tools will last for years to come, while also affording you a few helpful features that the cheaper options simply can’t compete with. Here are five plant watering tools that you should have at your disposal.

A Lightweight, Long Gardening Hose

One of the most important plant watering tools to have in your collection is a high-quality hose. Ensure that you can reach every corner of your yard with ease by measuring before you buy. There is nothing more annoying than buying a new hose only to discover that you can’t quite reach the herb garden in your backyard! By also looking out for a lightweight hose, you will be able to cart it around with you easily as you water all of your plants. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging any of your fragile flowerbeds in the event that you drag the hose right over them. If you live in a seasonal climate, purchasing a weather-resistant hose is crucial to surviving winter.

A Self-Propelling Sprinkler

Now that there are robotic vacuums to use inside our homes, it was only a matter of time before they used the same concept to reinvent the sprinkler. A self-propelling sprinkler may just change how you think of plant watering tools. You won’t have to reposition the sprinkler multiple times throughout your yard. No more babysitting the sprinkler as it does its job. You can just lay the hose that the sprinkler uses as its track all around your yard, then let it go!

A Rain Barrel

You can save a lot of money just by using rain water to water your lawn and gardens. To do so, you first need to purchase a rain barrel. These are often fairly inexpensive (just think of how much you’ll save on your water bill) and are available either new or recycled. Of all the plant watering tools in your collection, be sure you aren’t throwing your money away by failing to purchase your own rain barrel.

A Multipurpose Hose Nozzle

While it is essential to have a hose nozzle for the purposes of watering your gardens and plants, be sure to also keep your other intended uses in mind when purchasing one. Your hose nozzle should be durable enough to last a long time and must also be easy to use. Determine what settings you will likely use for chores, such as watering your gardens and potted plants, washing your vehicles, spraying down the exterior of your house, or even bathing the dog. The best plant watering tools may also assist you in other areas of your daily life!

The Water Blossom

The problem with most conventional plant watering tools is their inability to get beneath the hard surface layer of the soil. Especially during the hot summer months, water may fail to penetrate the surface, causing most of the water to be lost to evaporation or run-off. The Water Blossom root watering tool gives you the ability to water your plants and gardens more effectively than traditional watering systems. You will be able to water deeply and less frequently, both indoors and outdoors. This method of watering encourages deeper and wider root growth. Its smart design will also add a lovely accent to your gardens as well as to your potted plants.

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