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Four Essential Garden Accessories You will Need This Summer

Four Essential Garden Accessories You will Need This Summer

With gardening season right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you have in your shed, tools-wise. There are plenty of staples that you need for a great gardening season, but today’s gardening innovations can make your garden better for much less effort. Here are just a few of today’s latest gardening accessories that can help your garden this year.

1.  Ratcheting Loppers

Traditional sheers are great for small branches but ratcheting loppers can make quick work of almost any branch or any size. And they can cut more cleanly, meaning you won’t have to wrestle with that last bit of green clinging to the rest of the tree. Ratcheting loppers can make pruning much easier and safer, all because they give you more cutting power with much less effort.

2.  Root Watering Tools

Water Blossom is an ingenious new root watering tool that helps plants grow healthier and stronger by getting water straight to their roots. In general, we water gardens to simulate rainfall: by sprinkling it on the plants. But much of that water can be lost, never reaching the roots of the plants, where it is most needed. Water Blossom Creations came up with a colorful root watering stake that funnels water deeply into the earth for the roots to pick up. The result is healthier plants brought about by more efficient watering. Plus, they are made to look like beautiful flowers, so they actually make your garden even more beautiful.

3.  Hand Rakes

A classic but absolutely necessary tool for gardeners who grow smaller plants, a hand rake is simply one of your most indispensable tools. These little helpers are useful at almost every stage in gardening. You can dig at the ground for planting and getting the soil ready. They come in handy when you want to get rid of leaves in and around your plants. They can even help you dig up things near the end of a season or cycle. While many new gardening accessories are innovative and useful, the hand rake remains one of the tried-and-true necessities for gardeners, and for good reason.

4.  Garden Brooms

Garden brooms are sort of divvied up into multiple products in North America. We have rakes and brooms and diggers and multiple products that are all meant to do roughly the same thing: organize a garden and keep it clean. But garden brooms combine some of that all together into one handy product. Many are made with coconut tree branches, which stay effective in almost any weather. With a garden broom, you can gently sweep away leaves from around plants and turn up some top soil. You can even use them in the winter to get rid of light snowfall.

With gardening season right around the corner, it’s important to stock up on what you need for the coming season. With so many fantastic gardening accessories available, you can easily have a more productive and beautiful garden this coming year, and many years into the future.

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