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Garden Tools that Help Get Your New Plants Off to a Great Start

Garden Tools that Help Get Your New Plants Off to a Great Start

As winter is ending for many of us, our thoughts turn to spring and gardening. From flowers to full vegetable gardens, this is the time to start planting seeds and waiting for the best transplanting opportunities.  The best plants will come from the best seedlings; these seedlings will only be as good as the nurturing they are provided with.  Water is essential to your seedlings’ growth and development, and how and where water is delivered determine their growth. Our Water Blossoms provide water to your plants exactly where it needs to be: at their roots, enabling the best chance of a great start.

Delivers the Water Where it is Needed

The Water Blossom is a beautiful flower-designed watering system. The flower head funnels the water needed for the plants, and the decorative stem delivers the water directly to the plant’s roots. Traditional watering methods provide surface water that seeps into the ground. Ground watering leads to problems of evaporation and stagnant water collection, starving the plants of their much-needed moisture.  Very small seedlings also tend to drown from watering because they are not established enough to withstand the water they are getting.  Roots will always grow towards their water source; if the soil being used does not allow enough water to soak far enough into the ground, the roots will stay close to the surface.  As you can see, plants requiring deep roots that burry deep into the soil have a much harder time acquiring what is needed when they rely on surface water reaching them.

Keeps Delicate Roots from Moving

One of the frustrations of nurturing small plants is the fact that they simply float away when they are watered. These tiny plants do not have the root system needed yet to stay properly grounded. They also will not gain this system if the roots are forced to stay shallow in order to stay hydrated.  A Water Blossom is a great way to provide deep watering because all of the water provided through these devices is directed straight into the ground. Your choice of blossom will dictate how deep the water goes. As these blossoms are designed to easily stake around your garden, you can control the depth and location of the watering simply by controlling where your blossom is placed and how far into the ground you need it to go. As your plants grow, your blossom can move with them, continuing to provide them with the valuable water they need to flourish.

Provides a Beautiful Head Start to Garden Flowers.

Our water blossoms are not only highly functional, but they are also very decorative. We are the only provider of root watering tools that provide this standard of quality while still being extremely decorative. We designed our flowers to be as functional as they are beautiful. They are also designed to attract the naturally needed birds and honey bees to your garden to both pollinate and beautify.  In the spring, these flowers add the color needed to enhance your space while your plants begin to grow and flourish.  Your garden, decorated with our blossoms, will be the most colorful in the area, while also becoming the most productive and functional.

Our water blossoms are the key to a great start to your spring garden. With their ability to move around as often as needed, their high-quality materials, and their beautiful design, you can have an instant flower garden of blossoms, each adorned with bright colors while doubling as an intricate and effective watering system.  Instead of mass sprinkling in the hopes that your garden will thrive, why not deliver the water exactly where it is needed? Save time, save water, and save on plant loss by using our Water Blossoms.  You will be glad that you did.

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