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Guide for Choosing the Right Deep Root Watering Device for Healthier Plants and Trees

Guide for Choosing the Right Deep Root Watering Device for Healthier Plants and Trees

The heat of summer will soon be upon us, and with it, there will be water restrictions in many municipalities. If you’re a home gardener, you may be worried that, with restrictions, you won’t be able to properly water your garden. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The water restrictions can force you to re-evaluate your watering practices, and in many cases, you’ll find that your watering habits are inefficient and wasteful.  If you are forced to water by hand, you will need the most efficient tools to help deliver the water.

You’ve probably heard that you should water deeply. This is a better way of watering your plants and flowers because you can water deeply once a week rather than shallowly more often.

What does this mean?

The Meaning of Watering Deeply

Generally, this term means that the water is able to soak around 8-12 inches below the soil surface.  This is done because most of your plants' roots aren’t sitting close to the soil surface. One of the best ways to water deeply is with a deep root watering device.

Did you know that plants that are used to getting watered daily will not develop the deep root nourishment that the plant needs to survive periods of drought? If you make your plants dependent on shallow, daily watering and then you miss a couple of days, it could cause them long-term problems.

Try to water your plants in the morning, before it gets too hot outside, so your plants don’t get parched.

How to Choose the Right Deep Root Watering Device

If you’re going to implement deep watering to save water (and because it’s better for your plants), you want to make sure you get the right deep root watering device. Below are some suggestions:

•  Get a device that will be long enough to reach the root so that you can water your tree or plant deeply, and one that spreads the water sideways not just straight down.

•  Make sure the device will deliver nutrients, food, and water directly to the roots; you don’t want to have any water evaporation.

•  Make sure the size of device you get has a wide enough opening in comparison to the size of your plant or tree. A tree would need something larger than your petunia plants.

•  If you have plants of various sizes, you should get a variety of deep root watering devices.

•  Choose a deep root watering device that is durable and high quality.

•  Depending on how many plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees you have, you might want to look into a deep root irrigating system.

Along with being better for your plants, a deep root watering device will stop costly water run off, which is exactly what you want, especially if your water is restricted this summer.

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