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Rescue Your Plants with a Deep Root Irrigator

Rescue Your Plants with a Deep Root Irrigator

A healthy plant needs the same things to grow and thrive as a child does. Those things are sunlight, the correct temperature, room to grow, oxygen, nutrients, and of course, a healthy watering system. Children and plants both do even better when they are not left to themselves and have the love and support of a caring parent or gardener. Water, however, is essential to all life. Watering seems so simple, yet in your garden it can be difficult to deliver. It’s not enough to water the topsoil, sprinkle the sun-dried ground, or wet the leaves. If you fear that your plants, indoor or outdoor, are not receiving ample water to thrive, they can be rescued with a deep root irrigator.

How can the roots be reached?

Outdoor plants can sometimes suffer from too much sunlight and warm temperatures, especially if that sunshine and heat is baking the topsoil into concrete. If they are getting too much of one thing, it means that the water needs a new way. When the soil is hard, watering it can waste a great deal of water because, instead of soaking deeply to the roots, the water just evaporates in the sun or runs off into the fence line before it can much below the surface. That’s not good enough. For most plants to truly thrive, that water needs to get at least six to twelve inches deep. That’s where the Water Blossom deep root irrigator becomes a plant saver.

A simple tool can help

That tool is the Water Blossom, a clever watering system that looks as pretty as your plants do. It is a valuable addition to the garden or plant pot, because it works hard to irrigate the soil by getting the water to where it is needed. That means less water is wasted, the gardener saves time and effort, and the plant is healthier. And let’s be honest, it’s not only wasted water that stops plants from getting the water that they need. Many gardeners forget to water their indoor plants or find it a too much of a chore to water the outdoor ones. If you are that person, don’t worry; no one will know because the Water Blossom is perfect for you.  Seeing it adorning your garden or potted plants serves as a vibrant reminder to give your plants a drink. The thirst-quenching shot of water that you spray into the flower basin goes directly to the roots, helping you water quickly and efficiently.  For those of us who rarely water at all, Water Blossom makes the best use of rain water by directing some of it below the soil surface, thereby encouraging deep, strong root growth.  Scatter them throughout your garden to help Mother Nature’s rain reach deep into the soil.

Why does it work so well?

The Water Blossom from Water Blossom Creations is a lovely and colorful flower-shaped tool that captures water in its flower-shaped basin, funnels it through the ‘stem’ and into the soil, dispersing it in four directions! You simply position the Water Blossom near the base of your plant, and it will direct water right to the root zone of your plant—where the roots drink it up and reach for more as it sinks deeper into the ground. The blossom doesn’t store or slowly self-water; instead it makes your watering methods more efficient.  Use them to ensure your indoor plants get the water they need and use them throughout your garden, so your hose water, sprinkler water, or plain old rain reaches the roots fast and effectively. You don’t have to worry that the majority of the water is just going to evaporate or run off to where it isn’t needed.

This simple tool for watering your plants will rescue your precious plants by allowing you to water more deeply and less frequently, and to make every drop matter. Deep root watering is the key to healthy plants; the healthier the root system, the more likely the plant is to withstand drought and disease. Healthier plants mean a healthier environment and a happy gardener, too.

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