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Spruce Up Your Garden with the Best Garden Accessories

Spruce Up Your Garden with the Best Garden Accessories

Whether you are a gardening pro, or you feel like you have a black thumb, every garden can use the newest garden accessories to spruce it up a bit! While some accessories are purely aesthetic, others may prove to be valuable tools to help you maintain your garden beds. Water Blossoms are one garden accessory that offers both form and function, leaving you wondering why you haven’t had one all along.

Simply the Best Garden Accessory

Water Blossoms are both beautiful and functional in helping you take care of your gardens—especially if you are new to gardening and aren’t quite sure how it all works yet. Water Blossoms are a wonderful accessory to have at your disposal. Water Blossoms are a decorative garden accessory that also functions as a plant watering device. They are plant watering stakes that divert water directly to the root area of your plants. Water Blossoms are offered in two distinct styles: “Emily” and “Jazmine”. Each comes in three distinct color variations. They offer a cute and simple way to spruce up your garden, while remaining fully operational plant watering devices.

Overcoming the Hot Summer Months

If you are currently enduring a long, hot summer season, you may begin to notice that watering your plants simply isn’t enough to ensure that they are well taken care of. When it is that dry outside, it can be nearly impossible to tell whether or not rainwater or the water from your gardening hose is actually reaching the roots of your plants. Water Blossoms penetrate the soil with a stem measuring either 15 inches, 24 inches, or 36 inches, depending on your needs and preferences. This way, when the water travels down the metal stem, it can be carried directly to the root system of your garden, rather than sitting on top of the soil until it evaporates. You will be able to water more deeply and less frequently with Water Blossoms, since these devices are designed to deliver water straight to the target area. This also encourages your plants to develop deeper roots in order to properly withstand those hard, dry summers in the future.

Water Blossom Creations

The Emily” and “Jazmine” Water Blossoms will add some fun and flavor to any outdated or unimagined garden. These plant watering devices could not be simpler to use, and yet they are so helpful in getting water straight to where your plants need it most. Whether you use Water Blossoms to direct rainwater or are planning to spray water directly into the flower basin, Water Blossoms are designed to ensure that your plants and flowers look their very best, regardless of the unpredictable weather.  You can even use the shorter Water Blossom stems to track the water that your indoor plants are receiving. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for someone else or are just hoping for your own garden makeover, treat yourself to a Water Blossom and see how the best garden accessories can really spruce up your garden!

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