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Ten Unique Ideas for Garden Gifts for Your Favorite Gardener

Ten Unique Ideas for Garden Gifts for Your Favorite Gardener

Whether it's Christmas, someone's birthday, or just a special occasion, you're sure to have a gardener on your list of who to pick up gifts for. Perhaps you know a gardener who's itching to start planting their seeds into the ground and you want to let them know you're thinking about them.

But you don't want to get just any gift; you want something special. If this sounds like you, then you're in luck. We're going to help you by sharing some great gift ideas for gardeners.

10 Unique Ideas for Garden Gifts

1.  A covered basket to carry hand tools, packets of seeds, seedlings, etc. is a great gift idea for the seasoned gardener.  If your gardener is a beginner, you can give them a decorative basket with basic gardening tools, handmade plant markers, sunscreen, and gloves.

2.  If you're really close to the gardener you're buying a gift for, such as a favorite neighbor or family member, you could give them a gift certificate to their favorite garden supply store.

3.  A gift that is the least expensive and the most thoughtful is the garden gift of a Gift Certificate for your time. It could be for so many hours of weeding, tilling, or mowing their yard. It could be to help them design a garden, to plant their garden, or to build a cold frame.

4.  One place where you might find unique ideas for garden gifts that are on sale is at a greenhouse supply shop, hardware store, or garden shop—but make sure you check out the quality so they're not too flimsy.

5.  A personalized watering can, decorated with their  custom monogram, name, or favorite flower, is sure to please your gardener.

6.  You can accessorize the above gift ideas with flower and stem sets to make them even more unique.

7.  Gardeners love nature, so they naturally love beautiful things, and they're energy conscious. Decorative garden accessories that double as plant watering devices would really impress them.

8.  Water Blossoms are beautiful, efficient, and fun. They're plant watering stakes that divert water directly to the root zone. This unique gift will make your favorite gardener's job easier so they can devote more time to enjoying the fruits of their labor.

9.  Another reason Water Blossoms are a great gift idea is that they can double as an indoor and/or outdoor plant watering tool. Chances are high that your gardening friend's house is probably also filled with plants.

10.  One unpopular gardening activity is fertilizing. A water blossom can be used to pour the fertilizer into the flower basin. The nourishment will disperse laterally in four directions, feeding the root at the source.

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