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Why the Water Blossom is such a Cool Gardening Gift

Why the Water Blossom is such a Cool Gardening Gift

Gardeners have a unique connection with nature. For them, gardening is a way to relaxation, joy, and peace.  An experienced gardener can nurture and grow plants with exceptional skill that many others fail to achieve. When it comes to gift giving, nothing makes a gardener happy then a useful and unique gardening device or decoration.  While there are many gifts out there on today's market, rarely is there a device that is just as beautiful as it is useful.  The Water Blossom is one of these cool gardening gifts that has amazed and wowed anybody who has received it.

What it Does

The Water Blossom is a deep watering device that is used to aid plants with their moisture requirements.  They work by delivering water directly to the plants roots, where it is needed.  Plants roots will grow towards their water source. If your soil is tightly packed or has a hard top crust, most of the water will run off or evaporate before penetrating the ground. The water that does penetrate will not make it as far into the soil as needed for optimal growth.  The roots, in response, will remain shallow in an attempt to receive as much moisture as possible.  These shallow roots hinder your plant’s stability and will slow your plant’s growth.  The Water Blossom is a beautiful decorative device that is staked near your plant and deep into the root area. The water is then delivered through the flower basin, sending the water right to the roots of your plant.  This cool gardening gift helps the gardener in your life to have optimal growth from their plants.  The roots will now grow deeper into the soil, where the plants require them to be.
The Water Blossom also eliminates the risk of leaf burn or other health issues from water being retained on the leaves during hot weather. Some plants in general require a healthy watering, but do not like moisture on them. These challenging plants work exceptionally well with the Water Blossom because it takes the full required amount of water and delivers it deep into the soil. It removes all surface water and the issues surrounding it.  This is a cool gardening gift that is useful for as long as you garden; you can never have too many of these beautiful blossoms.

So Many Options

The Water Blossom comes in a variety of sets and in a wide variety of colors. This cool gardening gift really allows you to customize your gift for the gardener in your life. Whether they garden indoors, outdoors, or both, this unique tool is something they will love to receive. The Jasmine-Violet, for example, is a beautiful purple that really highlights colorful flowers—or it works well standing alone in green foliage.  The Bluebell's shade is designed to attract bees and other pollinators. This deep watering device helps to maintain optimum growth while still attracting and enhancing the natural elements that are needed for the plant’s life cycles.  These blossoms can be purchased individually, in groups of two, or as replacement parts for the blossom or base.  They come in a variety of lengths, ensuring that they will work with both your outdoor garden and your indoor potted plants.

When it comes to cool gardening gifts, nothing is more well-received than a Water Blossom. These decorative watering tools are a gardening essential.  Gardeners love to care for their plants; nothing is more useful than a way to give them what they need most: water.  If you are looking for a unique present, our high-quality Blossoms are the answer.  Have a look at our selection. Our styles, colors, and quality make these the perfect gift for the gardener in your life.

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