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How Do Watering Stakes Work?

How Do Watering Stakes Work?

Summer is just about here—and you know what that means, right? It means all that gardening you’ve been working away at all spring—the plants you’ve started and the arrangements you’ve created both in and out of the house—is about to get a lot more challenging now that you have to contend with the full intensity of the sun. How many plants have succumbed to that summer heat simply because you can’t dedicate 14 hours of your day to minding the soil moisture levels on your property. One day, I’m sure, there will be an app for that—in fact, it probably already exists—but there is a much more economical and even functional way to protect your plants from dehydration. All you need are a few watering stakes.

What is a watering stake?

A watering stake is just that: it’s a stake you push into the ground near the root of your plant to supply your plant with water right where it needs it.

Sound familiar?

A few years ago, a company produced a like product that had a glass-blown ball at the end. The idea was that you could fill the glass ball as a reservoir, and it would trickle water your plant as your plant needed it. Well, that’s all well and good—until the glass stem gets clogged with dirt. Then the whole thing becomes pretty much useless. Water Blossom® watering stakes are a lot more practical because they are designed for function as well as for convenience and aesthetic. They are specifically designed to prevent dirt from clogging the water supply, and instead of acting like a reservoir that feeds the plant small amounts over time, the watering stake allows you to control the amount of water your plant gets by delivering as much water as you provide right to the roots so the plant can get that refreshing drink immediately—that’s what’s going to save it from that hot sun.

What other benefits does the watering stake provide?

There are a number of benefits. Primarily, a watering stake will help your plant grow healthier and stronger. By providing the water right to the roots, you allow your plant to grow its roots deeper into the soil than it would if it had to keep its roots nearer to the surface to try to catch the surface water as it seeps into the soil—hopefully before it evaporates. This allows your plant to grow bigger with a stronger root base that will keep it from toppling over (don’t you hate it when your tomato plants and sunflowers flop?). It also allows your roots to grow deeper into the soil and further away from the heat of the sun that could cause them harm.

However, apart from leaving you with stronger, healthier plants, watering stakes also provide some significant environmental benefits. You won’t waste nearly as much water when your watering gets right to the plants’ roots. Think of how much water runs off, away from your plant, and evaporates when you water traditionally. Watering stakes funnel your water where it needs to go so your plants will get more nutrition without having to water as often.

And, of course, there’s the aesthetic.

If you choose a watering stake like the Water Blossom®, you’ll be adding to the aesthetic of your garden. The Water Blossom® features a capture basin that is modeled after a flower blossom. The veins of the petals help to channel the water more effectively into the delivery channel (which means even less runoff), and with multiple blossom designs to choose from, you can make sure your garden is colorful—and attracting those pollinators—even before your plants start to bloom.

Why limit yourself to convenience alone? Call us at Water Blossom Creations, LLC to equip your garden with watering stakes that will highlight your aesthetic as well as the health and wellbeing of your plants.

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